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        ABOUT US

          Changzhou Haijiang Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd.is a rise in the era of the sun industry pride,carrying the trend of the East China Sea,dazzling in the Yangtze River Delta by sea,Changzhou.

          since its inception in 2001,Relying on unique advantages of the region to bring the broad market,and more than 10 years of self-catching the continuous development of the company.haijiang has become key enterprises in China's dry industry trade.

          Haijiang cover over 20,000 square meters,have modern office plant more than 10,000 square meters,Haijiang is a professional manufacture of drying,granulation,pellting,coating,mixing,crushing,screening.Main products have 50 varieties and 600 models,with an annual output 1,000 sets,Haijiang is widely used in pharmaceutical,chemical,food,agricultural and sideline products processing,textiles,electronics,feed and other fields.

          Haijiang Drying has reached one summit after another in terms of technological innovation,quality improvement,market management as well as engineering practice.The company has launched at least two to five new types of products in an effort to meet different tiers of market demands.Adopting the strategy of"Going out and coming in",the company has employed the domestic technical experts in pharmaceutical,chemical foodstuff industries as long-term advisors,meanwhile undertaking the joint R&D with a number of national colleges and institutes.The continuous innovation input brings unlimited scientific and technological potential into play.The new modular wall-type solid agent production line developed by the company,which has been granted the national patent,has well solved the possible pollutant problem exposed in the course of material transfer with traditional solid agents.Moreover,easy installation and beautiful appearance are guaranteed by adopting the modularization.Thus the full-process closed-loop operation has been achieved.The new generation of screw spinning pelletizer filled China's blank.The particle shape is beautiful and disintegration is good.Plenty of scientific achievements made by Haijiang enabled it to obtain a number of utility model patents as well as invention patent certificates.

          The market's approval of Haijiang brand products also makes it possible for company's rapid development,therefore accumulating abundant capital and technology strength.To this end the company increased its investment and set up 1000 square meters of labs which meet the GMP requirement.,Solid agents and various types of complete sets of experimental equipment are available with a view to facilitate clients'materials tests and field inspection,and pre-sale service is performed in a real sense.Meanwhile help the clients with their preliminary equipment selection and process validation.

          Welcome to visit our company and make an on-the-spot investigation!

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